Over 80,000 visas were given to indian Nationals in the year 2013!

Asia, as a continent, currently has the highest population, and it’s growing!

I’d say that Canada is definitely helping to diffuse a bit of the overpopulated areas in India by allowing 84,672 new visitor visas and 13,613 new study permits from January to December of 2013. While this may not actually make an impressive dent in New Delhi, where the population is well over 11 million, it is quite a large number of accepted visa applications for a single country.

This is also representative of an increase in the desire and ability to travel from India to Canada. Since 2008, this is a 321% increase in study permits alone.

There are other reasons for this increase other than merely the sheer amount of people and an increased desire to travel here. One is the new Business Express Program (BEP). This allows for employees of a qualified business to obtain a visa more quickly. There has also been an extension in the multiple entry visa, from 5 years to 10. Because of this, visitors are able to come and go as they like for 6 months at a time.