Changes to Alberta’s immigrant Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is based on provincial labour market needs. For a full list of all opportunities, province by province, please visit our website

Recently, Alberta has made some changes to their PNP.

Food Services Industry
For starters, there is a limited time in which Alberta employers can nominate up to 20% of their workforce for immigration. This is limited to one restaurant and is only valid until November 28th, 2013.

Strategic Recruitment Stream
The Strategic Recruitment Category is now also open to post-graduate workers. To be eligible, applicants must be working in Albert with a valid Post-graduate work permit. There occupation must also be considered skilled or semi-skilled. PNP applications within this category do not need to have an employer supported application.

Work Experience
There have been 5 low-skilled job additions to the work experience category:
– Construction Trades Helpers and Labourers (NOC 7611)
– Other Trades Helpers and Labourers (NOC 7612)
– Light Duty Cleaners (NOC 6662)
– Specialized Cleaners (NOC 6661)
– Janitors, Caretakers and Building Superintendents (NOC 6663)
Most skilled and semi-skilled jobs are now eligible to apply for residency, with the exception of jobs found here:
For even more information, use our contact us page at

Skilled Worker Category
Some jobs have been added to this category:
– Plasterers
– Drywallers
– Upholsterers
– Managers/Supervisors in service
Retail and food service industry professionals may also now be eligible to apply for residency.

International Graduates
Finally, There have been a few requirements added to this category.
Visit the Alberta immigrant Nominee page for full details
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