Canada’s new nation builders!

Today’s immigrant children will be the ones who will create Canada’s future. In a recent article by Emily Rose, it is reported that 20% of Canada’s current population are first generation immigrants, meaning that they were not born in Canada. Another 17% were born here, but at least one of their parents was not. That makes up more than 1/3 of citizens today who are of either first or second generation immigrants. In fact, I myself am a first generation immigrant.

Rose has a couple of case studies on immigrant youth that are destined to succeed in Canada and therefore paint the picture for how Immigrating to Canada really gives youth the opportunities that they need to find their passion and become successful.

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Next generation of immigrants are Canada’s new nation builders | Canadian Immigrant.

Business Immigration Opportunities

Although Canada gives permanent residency status to certain skilled workers, it places tremendous value in the entrepreneurial spirit of investors and the self-employed. Canada fosters a “can do” spirit and welcomes those who can stand on their own two feet and contribute to the society. In fact, Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world. It is a country that values entrepreneurship and openly welcomes business immigrants from across the globe.

The business immigration requirements may seem a bit strict at first, but Canada strives to encourage the best to apply. It opens its doors to those who can contribute to their community and maintain the standard of living they hold so dear.

Canada gladly welcomes any businessmen who can meet the following requirements:

Eligibility requirements under the Investor immigration class are designed for businesspeople with experience and capital. Anyone with qualifying business experience and significant funds obtained from a legitimate business or inheritance can gain a permanent residency visa subject only to medical and background checks.

To be considered as an Investor – under the terms of a new program expected to be introduced in 2013 – a person must have a total net worth of $3,200,000 Canadian dollars. The person must then deposit $1,600,000 with the Federal or Quebec government for a period of five years, after which it will be repaid in full without interest. Those who do not wish to tie up as much capital can obtain a loan by paying an upfront fee. In this case, the upfront fee is not refundable.

Canada also welcomes any entrepreneurs who can establish their own business or make a substantial investment in an existing Canadian business. The new resident is given time to explore business opportunities, set up their business, and generate employment after which they can apply ro make the transition into Canadian society. Various provincial programs offer entrepreneurs with business experience the opportunity to do so. A minimum net worth of $300,000 Canadian dollars is currently required by the least expensive program.

All potential immigrants under this status must have significant experience in their field and be able to be self-employed in Canada. However, only those who are self-employed in the field of athletics, cultural activities or farm management at a “world-class” level are accepted. They must also provide at least two years recent relevant experience.

Canada is a terrific country that offers a standard of living like no other. In order to maintain that standard it openly invites prospective residents who can make a positive contribution to Canadian society. Anyone with these attributes can easily enjoy the many benefits of Canadian citizenship. If you are an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of community, Canada wants you!

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